2017 Acura CDX Design, Release Date

Acura is a type of car made under famous manufacturer Honda in the 1990s. The Acura CDX being one of the best crossover models to be bought by consumers, its popularity stayed on from the time of release in the 90s all the way until today in the 2000s! This makes the 2017 version of the Acura CDX a very exciting one for those who have been following the Acura for several years now.

2017 Acura CDX - front

2017 Acura CDX – Exterior and Interior Design

Expect the same face, but better. With a sleek, professional look that has features of its predecessor, it matches this modern-day style with the familiarity and pride of the first installment of the model. A futuristic feel with new color schemes are said to come out with the 2017 Acura CDX.


Just like its exterior, expect a futuristic design inside, with the latest technology installed in its system and accessories, with safety and comfort its main focus, but having the style anyone would be impressed with. The Acura CDX 2017  is definitely a luxury car that would be enjoyed by many.

2017 Acura CDX - interior

2017 Acura CDX – Powered for Efficiency

We see strength in the upcoming 2017 Acura CDX. Honda doesn’t scrimp on quality and material when creating the specs of their upcoming model, with a 3.5-liter V6 unit. With that strong engine, it’ll be able to reach 290 horsepower and 275lb-ft of torque. It’s also got a 6 speed automated transmission box, and if you prefer a FWD system, they’ve got that too. A mileage of 21 mpg will help you save fuel and would make a good drive around the city.

2017 Acura CDX - rear

2017 Acura CDX – Price and Expected Release Date

One of the most things seen when purchasing or thinking of purchasing a new car: Its price. Acura hasn’t announced the official price tag of the 2017 Acura CDX, but based on insiders and experts on automobiles and the like, it’s expected to be around $30,000, based on its specs and design. Not bad for its performance and sleek face! Though the name says 2017, it’s said that it would be released and available for consumers to purchase in the middle of 2016. Pretty close, so if you’re eyeing the 2017 Acura CDX, make sure you talk to your local car dealerships and search online for the exact release date and great deals! The exact date is still waiting for confirmation, so keep a lookout and feel free to follow Honda’s website and social media accounts for more information. Expect a whole new face and a whole new improved design and performance, but still bearing the same familiarity we see in its predecessor. The modern version of the old CDX will surely impress, and with its fantastic specs, I’m sure it will make headlines and gain attention on the car business. Unfortunately, since there’s no official release date or price yet, all we can do is wait. But you can check with your local car dealers or follow Honda online for official announcements and maybe grab early bird deals along the way.


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