2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Design, Price

The Alfa Romeo is finally going to deliver on its promise of introducing a luxurious and powerful SUV. The company has recently announced that it is going to launch the new model of SUV, 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV in the next year, much to the delight of fans of Alfa Romeo series. The new SUV will be called Stelvio and it has been named after an Alpine pass located at the border between Italy and Switzerland.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV - front

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The car is not available for sale yet and therefore, it is difficult to learn much about the exterior or interior of the vehicle. However, according the prototype shown in the photos, the 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV supports FIAT 500L body panels which have been heavily modified to suit the requirements of a SUV. The SUV also has beefier brakes, larger alloy wheels and low suspension and therefore, it slightly deviates from the traditional 500L panels. The vehicle will also have inverted and triangular central grill. There will be additional air intakes in the front to keep the engine cool. Headlights will be more powerful as the will use latest LED technology.


Again, it is rather difficult to provide any information about the interior of this would-be amazing vehicle. However, the vehicle seems to have a high roof and bigger and more robust platform. It means it will have larger interior space to accommodate more passengers and luggage. The boots are also going to be more practical and capacious as compared to the Maserati Levante. The elegant blackish trim is expected to provide a comfortable and romantic atmosphere to the passengers. The SUV will have leather covered seats to ensure more comfort. The Alfa SUV will have dual zone climate control system to control the temperature inside. Various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS will also be part of new 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV. An LCD screen will also help the driver to control overall features of the car.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV - interior

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Powerful Engine and Performance

The Alfa Romeo SUV will have much improved and powerful engine. The turbo charged main engine of the vehicle will be able to produce 200 horsepower and it will have four cylinders. Another additional turbo charged engine will have the capacity to produce horsepower and torque of 250 and 260 pound feet respectively. The car is made of lightweight aluminium which means that it will have high fuel economy as compared to other Alfa Romeos. Wheels have been designed to provide extra speed and therefore, the engines will have low acceleration time as well.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV - rear

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV – Price and Expected Release Date

According to the officials of the Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 will be available for sale in 2017. Currently, the company is still testing the features and major components of their new SUV. As far as price is concerned, the base price of the SUV will be in the range of $60,000 to $70,000. The 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will definitely be a powerful and luxurious vehicle just like other Alfa Romeos. However, at this point of time, we can only speculate about the overall appearance and performance of 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV.


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