2017 Audi RS Q3 Changes, Performance

The 2017 Audi RS Q3 has always had a tryst with performance, especially after its devilishly fast R8 series made fast car enthusiasts turn around and notice. And since then, Audi has made quite a name for them by infusing regular consumer cars with a dose of adrenaline. It is something that few buyers with a bit more cash want, something that they have essentially tapped into, something that this Audi RS Q3 2017 grunts with every dab of the pedal.

2017 Audi RS Q3 - front

2017 Audi RS Q3 – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

This is not a mere SUV and although it is based on Audi’s Q3 range, there’s much more to it in small but distinct details on the outside. To start with, the front grille is jet black with a honeycomb mesh. Other than sporting the same scowl with matte corners leading to the front lamps, one of the most obvious changes are the air intakes with metal finish placed on the front fascia corners.

An intentionally brutish rear exhaust with a muscularly curved rear diffuser adds more character to this car’s rear-end. Overall, the stance looks more sporty thanks to its lower front suspensions and a massive 20” alloy wheels. Although there aren’t many changes to separate this car from the outside, it demands a second look.


The 2017 Audi RS Q3 is the rich family man who wants a bit more from everything. Those who want to stay in shape yet be the functional centre of his family, who wants a bit more from his car. The interiors are well up to the mark for such a man for they have just that bit more in them.

Interior specs, luxury, infotainment and safety – are as per the Audi Q3 black edition the only changes being in upholstery. Noteworthy features among others include: –

  1. Nappa leather upholstery.
  2. Red and Blue Integrated dashboard with added controls and interface.
  3. RS-specific lap-time recorder on the dashboard.
  4. Deluxe dual-zone climate control.
  5. Audi Parking System Plus and Blind-spot Monitoring.

2017 Audi RS Q3 - interior

2017 Audi RS Q3 – Powerful Engine and Performance

It is always better to save the best for the last; the reason why anyone would pay up for this 2017 Audi RS Q3 is under its hood and mated to its tires. A 2.5-liter 5 cylinder TFSI engine with a 7 Speed S-Tronic automatic shift is a beast of an engine with more power than anyone can imagine.

Complimented with Audi’s famed AWD Quattro technology, this small SUV has the capability to burn the tarmac and clear the mud of the top if and when required. With 3 modes of driving, pressing the throttle gives an immediate fearsome response thanks to a low-range max torque output – an estimated 343 lb-ft torque from 2000 rpm. Powering all the way up to 7000 rpm with a max power output around 370 hp, this car will keep on going if given the track. Stopping power is massive too thanks to 8-piston brake callipers.

In short, this 2017 Audi RS Q3 is something worth every single penny for that dab of the throttle when the world blurs around it. It’s simply fast.

2017 Audi RS Q3 - rear

2017 Audi RS Q3 – Expected MSRP and Availability

A 2017 Audi RS Q3 which can go from nought to a 60 mph in 4.4 seconds with a capped in the top speed of 165 mph  – this is why it’s special. And although the sticker price of $84,000+ will back many off, Audi guarantees a second look and a mind-check from those who have to back off but don’t want.


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