2017 BMW X6 Design, Performance, Price

The 2017 BMW X6 is a medium sized luxury crossover manufactured by the German auto maker BMW. The history of this luxurious brand dates back to April 2008 when the first generation E71 was released. The 2009 model was marketed as a Sports Activity Coupe, or as popularly called SAC, by BMW. This 2017 bmw x6 has been manufactured since then to present day. The initial model was produced up to 2014. The second generation has been completely redesigned with beautiful novelties to spice it up! The vehicle is assembled in various locations: Greer, South Carolina, United States and Kaliningrad, Russia.

2017 BMW X6 - front

2017 BMW X6 – Exterior and Interior Design

Though the 2017 BMW X6this arrives without many exterior modifications from its 2016 predecessor, the vehicle still has new features worthy of consideration. Compared to the BMW X5, the net weight of the 2017 BMW X6 shall be less by about 50pounds. This brings about the advantage of higher speed and les fuel consumption. The vehicle will have a length of 4.91 meters; an improvement from the previous model. This increases the space in the interior making it more spacious. In addition, the width is improved and the height slightly reduced to make it more stable on the road! The looks are more glamorous; the vehicle comes with 18inch alloy wheels which will work pretty well with the suspension to give the vehicle better driving dynamics. On the front part, there will be an improved grille and bumper that combine meticulously to give it a perfect look. The flashy car is also bestowed with modern LED heat lamps and that will not only make it cuter but also reduce its energy consumption!


On the interior of 2017 x6, diverse features separate this car from its predecessors. Diverse features shall be taking advantage of the latest engineering innovations to provide maximum comfort. Some of these features range from a modern infotainment system that shall be controlled purely from the LCD screen on the dash board. To spice it further, the 2017 BMW X6 also gets a dual zone climate control system that shall be instrumental in regulating temperatures inside the vehicle. The cabin undergoes improvements; the number of buttons has been reduced to make each cabin more engaging and user friendly. To top it up all the seats will be covered with leather and positioned in a way that gives the riders ample space inside the x6 bmw.

2017 BMW X6 - interior

2017 BMW X6 – Engine and Performance

The bmx x6 2017 comes in three engine variations with all these engines using eight speed automated transmission. However, the main engine will be a 3.0-liter twin turbo six-cylinder diesel motor. It shall be delivering 600 pound feet of torque and 380 horsepowers. The power source for the electric motor in this vehicle will be a lithium ion electric battery. The BMW X6 2017 shall be available in all wheel drive system. On fuel efficiency, the car promises to have a high fuel efficiency that will give its users an opportunity to drive further on less fuel.

2017 BMW X6 - rear

2017 BMW X6 – Price and Release Date

This 2017 BMW X6 is scheduled to be released on sometimes next year though the officials have not officially released the actual date. The bmw x6 shall be selling in the price range of $60,595-$73, 895.


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