2017 Daihatsu Terios Review, Price

The Daihatsu manufacturing company is a Japanese car industry that produces high-profile models. The 2017 Daihatsu Terios is an upcoming model that is in the lineup for release by the Daihatsu Company. The model was debut initially in the market. The vehicle will be mini Sports Utility Vehicle. The Manufacturing Company has taken an extraordinary step to produce an auto that will lure many customers due to its stylish make thus marketing itself. Toyota will be among the co-developers of the model.

2017 Daihatsu Terios - front

Stylish Exterior Design and Improved Interiors of the 2017 Daihatsu Terios

The exterior part of 2017 Daihatsu Terios will be sophisticated with a compact and diminutive grille. The headlights will have almond-shaped. The Light Emitting Diode headlights have been enforced to illuminate within the foggy conditions.It has the bonnet that is shorter than full sports utility vehicle. A Spare tire will be attached from outdoors of the rear door around the boot. The rear and front overhang is relatively shorter. The 2017 Terios will be longer and wider than 2016 model thus increasing the size of the cabin. It will have rugged and tough look thus handling any climatic conditions. The 2017 Daihatsu Terios will be offered in six different colors. The vehicle will be raised to some inches to cope with challenging terrain.


The interior design of 2017 Daihatsu Terios will be equipped with fantastic features. It will have upgraded dashboard with heat controls and radio unit. The dashboard will house large touch screen display. On the dashboard, the driver can monitor exterior temperatures through the display. Inside the vehicle will feature knobs and analog gauges that include fuel indicators and mileage meter. The Terios will be endowed with electronic power steering, audio system as well as heat control system. The seats and foldable and adjustable and are made of high quality fabric. The seats are also equipped with the headrest to increase comfortability. The interior space will be larger since the vehicle will be longer thus allowing more leg room. It will have remote central locking, side mirrors, chrome door lock handles, chromos on the door handles and steering mounted controls.

2017 Daihatsu Terios - interior

2017 Daihatsu Terios – Engine Performance and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Daihatsu Terios will be offered in two variants. The first option is a single engine that will be equipped with 1.3 liters 4 cylinders inline engine that produces 103 horsepower and 140 pound-feet torque at around 6000 rotations per minute. The Second variant will be powered by 1.5 liters 4 cylinders inline engine. The two engines will offer electronic fuel injections, variable valve timer, and flat, curved torque. The engines will be automated by 5-speed transmission gearbox. The car will be provided in diesel and gasoline variants. The Daihatsu SUV will be available either all wheel drive or front wheel drive. It will have the average fuel consumption of 32 mpg. The front wheel drive will be able to accelerate 60 mph in about 13 seconds while the all wheel drive achieves the same acceleration in 14 seconds.

2017 Daihatsu Terios - rear

2017 Daihatsu Terios – Price and Release Date

The Daihatsu Terios 2017 is expected to be released in late 2017, and the price will range from $17500 to about $21000.


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