2017 Dodge Journey New Features, Release Date

Chrysler known for his innovative ideas in the making of mid size luxury crossover vehicles has made another addition to their tally by introducing the all new dodge journey which is expected to release in the year 2017. This 2017 Dodge Journey franchise made its first introduction to the world market in the year 2008, since then there were no major upgrades but 2017 dodge journey is expected to steal the show with its new specifications, upgrades and features. So, Dodge is looking forward to positive reviews and publicity from the auto enterprises all over the world for their new 2017 Journey model. We need to continue to market so Dodge can have a separate brand identity: hip, cool, young, energetic. That will not fit the campaign for truck buyers.

2017 Dodge Journey - front

2017 Dodge Journey – A lot of New Features

Though the automobile community is taking lightly the addition of the all new car but the design of both exterior and interior is expected to surprise the viewers. The platform of the car will be the same as its predecessor, but the optimization and aerodynamic stability is predicted to be of far superior stage than before. Not only this but also the improvement in performance is estimated. The LED lights is one of the exciting feature of this car as both the head and tail lights will give it a new look altogether. Similarly, the interior of the car is also expected for better styling attribute as the dash-board has undergone few tweaks which will make the car get up look more luxurious. Both interior and exterior has undergone modifications. It has got more space than its earlier predecessors thus resulting in an increase in comfort and luxury. The stability of the car has been proposed to increase to a great extent thus making it strong contender for the race among luxury trucks.

2017 Dodge Journey - interior

2017 Dodge Journey – Whole Power Unit

The most complicated part is the engine due to its complexity. The dodge journey 2017 will retain its current lineup of engines along with addition of superior and better variants. A 2.4 liter inline 4 cylinder engine with a max power output of 173 horsepower. Another higher variant engine of 3.6 liter capacity is available. Its max output stands at 283 horsepower. A very powerful engine has been installed so that it gives an ample amount of power especially in the highways. The performance of the 2017 Dodge Journey is increased to a great extent as the load is shifted a bit towards the bottom thus increasing its equilibrium and smoothness.

2017 Dodge Journey - rear

2017 Dodge Journey – When can it be seen on road?

This 2017 Dodge Journey is still in its infancy as far as development or production is concerned. So nothing can be said about its pricing or its availability for certain. However, since this is a 2017 model, so you can at least expect it sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 – because dodge suv 2017 generally releases new cars in that timeframe. The expected price of dodge journey is about 31250 dollars approx . People will be eagerly waiting for the release date as it will be a surprise package in the segment of luxury trucks. Probably it will bring a new concept with an outrageous look.


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