2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost Review

Sales of Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are topping the charts which have placed Ford’s Escape line up third in line of contention. Even though Ford offers all the recent technical gadgets which include cruise control, lane departure warning, park assists and host of other features, competition in the SUV market is ever increasing. Ford’s only hope to nose ahead may be its new 2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost. Powerful engine and better techs, can it outrun Honda and Toyota?

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost - front

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost – Looks and Shape

EPA rating has improved. Previous versions sported a rating of 20 mpg in city, 27 mpg on highway and 23 mpg as combined. Ford has enhanced these figures in this current 2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost which has an EPA of 23 mpg city, 30 mpg on highway and 26 mpg combined.

Then again, the figures are less than Honda CR-V. This competitor comes with an EPA of 27 mpg in city and 34 mpg on highways. But, Ford just might have the edge here as its Escape is bigger and bulkier.

CR-V has a kerb weight of 3358 pounds. Its wheelbase is 103.1 inches. Ford Escape, on the other hand, stands at a kerb weight of 3515 pounds and offers a wheelbase of 105.9 inches. Overall length is nearly the same in both. So, here is a choice to be made between more cabin space and better fuel economy.

The 2017 Ford Escape with 2.0 AWD EcoBoost version will come equipped with optional 19-inch wheels. This will impart a muscular look to this mid-sized SUV, simultaneously providing better surface grip. Steering is smooth as well with optional heating options available. 8-way power adjustable heated front seats and recliner rear seats will be available in this hatchback.

Apart from these, Ford will also offer:

  1. Exterior mirrors with heating features.
  2. Power gate lifts with foot-activation technology.
  3. Rear view mirrors with auto-dimming enhancements.
  4. Rear air vents.
  5. 10- Speaker 350 watt audio system made by SONY with satellite and HD radio.

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost - interior

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost – Whole Power Unit

At the base price of $31,745, Ford Escape AWD will house a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine cranking a maximum of 168 hp of power. But for $1,295 extra, the automaker will equip its 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine in this SUV and present the new 2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost. Certainly, bigger engine means more power. This trim will be capable of delivering a massive 245 hp of power and around 275 lb-ft of torque.

A six-speed automatic gearbox will be mated to this powertrain. This means Escape along with EcoBoost will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.3 seconds. This is quite less than the 9.6 seconds mark of its 1.5-liter sibling and 8.3 seconds Honda CR-V. Also, the car is expected to dash at a top speed of 116 mph at full throttle.

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost - side

2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost – How Much will Cost?

For further $395, Ford will add a metallic paint to this SUV. The voice-activated navigation system will come for $795 and a power activated panoramic glass on its roof will be installed for $1,495. In all, for a total sum of $39,010, 2017 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD EcoBoost trim version will house all the necessary technical features.


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