2017 Honda Avancier Review, Price

This model was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show this year, and ever since, SUV enthusiasts have been enquiring on whether this 2017 Honda Avancier will be up for sale in the American and European markets. Although these markets have their own range of Honda SUVs with the HR-V, CR-V and Pilot. This new 2017 Honda Avancier seems a more promising prospect on paper and on the road since its release into the Chinese market.

2017 Honda Avancier - front

2017 Honda Avancier – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

Carrying basic CR-V design language over, Honda has manufactured this new Honda Avancier 2017 as their flagship model. And it fits the profile as far as exteriors are concerned. The Japanese have tuned the exteriors with probably the best possible changes. There’s the same pattern up front with a chrome bar over a black grille mesh. But here the bar’s more masculine and sporting Honda’s logo with more pride and gusto. Below it is a blink-and-you-miss smart minimalist air intake undercut with a contrasted metal fender attaché.

Perhaps the most drastic change is in the head and fog lamps, especially, LED clusters. Fit in the hood with an extension of the chrome grille to brow over it, Honda has parted ways with the age-old round or square lamp and instead included multiple eye-shaped blue LEDs underlined by a contrasting metal accent giving a deer’s eye shape to it. A similar cluster design can be seen in the fog lamps – shaped in more or less inverted pattern compared to the front ones.

Its hood looks oh-so-nice with a plateau down the middle which follows through from the chrome bar up front. What makes it more appealing is a punched in design add-on reminiscent of the upper part of Honda’ logo. Clearly, the Japs have given some due attention to this cars’ design and it has paid off. A better look from the side reveals much more. Three small rectangular fissures under an uplifted hood on either side above intimidating wheel arches – Honda has definitely outdone themselves.

The roof slopes in towards the rear sporting roof-lines. Big, bad rims look like custom-made alloys. Its rear reminds of a CR-V with body-wrapped lamps although these ones are not comically extended upwards. A rear fender with a similar metal touch and accent flanked on either side by dual exhausts. This is the 2017 Honda Avancier.


A 5-seater, this 2017 Honda Avancier will have the top-end luxury and tech, better than the CR-V on all grounds and the Pilot only in tech. But one thing’s for sure; this interior has the looks too. An extended dashboard console with storage, a huge 7” multi-info screen, dual-zone climate control, 6 speaker premium audio system. Honda has decked this car with whatever it has, including an optional Honda Sense pack.

2017 Honda Avancier - interior

2017 Honda Avancier – Performance

Given that this 2017 Honda Avancier reaches the American or European markets, there are two engine options which can be expected. A 2.0-liter Turbo VVT engine or a more powerful 2.4-liter which powers the Accord both being Inline 4s will find their place under the hood. Balancing between performance and efficiency, Honda might also introduce a Hybrid in the future.

Capping it off, there is no official or test-drive specs whatsoever regarding this 2017 Honda Avancier. But what can be concluded for certain is that Honda has made sure that this model is more than good enough on paper to be their flagship SUV. That it has garnered outrageous hype in major markets other than China.

2017 Honda Avancier - side

2017 Honda Avancier – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2017  Avancier is expected in late 2016 or early 2017. The price of this fantastic model will most likely be in the range of 38,400 to $ 65.200.


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