2017 Jeep Commander Review, Specs, Price

The 2017 Jeep Commander is the latest release of the famous car model that started officially over a decade ago in 2005. The innovative ideas put into making this latest addition a grand improvement are quite amazing. This high performing SUV with a track record of efficient fuel economy. And comfortability on the roads is set to blow the minds of fans and the competition alike. A lot has been improved on this model just to make a good statement on the market.

2017 Jeep Commander - front

2017 Jeep Commander – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The 2017 Jeep Commander has some nice improvements on the interior designs though also maintaining traditional patterns. Able to accommodate seven passengers at the same time on its three seat rows as in previous models. This car has had a few touches on its comfort and satisfaction levels with improved gadgets. The basic utilities such as the AC and CD car stereo are found in the standard version. There will also be the limited versions with a few added touches such as satellite radio, twin skylights and a power sunroof. Also, the sports version will feature climate handle technique, seats with leather-based upholstery.

The desire to meet the comfort level and taste of all who enter the 2017 Jeep Commander was given a lot of attention while making this model; the limited version has a backseat DVD player for the entertainment of those who seat behind. Excellence and perfection are the words to describe this interior.


The 2017 Jeep Commander has had changes done on the exterior design to make it have a true representation of the original blueprints which originated this car model. The need to improve the quality of appearance was however not neglected. The 2017 Jeep Commander has an exterior built to work perfectly with its interior components at convenient speeds and road types, as this has been the culture for this car model since inception. The manufacturers stuck to adding improvements on past models without attempting to lose sight of or neglect their foundational style and exterior design pattern.

The exterior specs of this latest release define the class in car engineering innovation. And a desire to keep the devotion to quality in satisfaction. As the name implies, this vehicle will take command of the roads in awesome fashion and give value every second it goes.

2017 Jeep Commander - interior

2017 Jeep Commander – Modifications in the Engine

One notable spec about the 2017 Commander is that it has a range of options to choose from depending on what the buyer/owner wants. But there’s officially the 3.7-liter V6 engine which gives about 235 pound-feet torque plus 210 hp. The car will come with an improved 5-speed intelligent transmitting system. It will make for better car performance and fuel economy. It will also improve the shifting ability. A lot of specs have been taken up a notch and will be confirmed soonest. With this SUV you are guaranteed to save a lot on fuel.

2017 Jeep Commander - rear

2017 Jeep Commander – Expected MSRP and Availability

In conclusion, the Jeep Commander 2017 is scheduled for release in March. It is highly anticipated by many enthusiasts in the car manufacturing industry. We expect a price range slightly below or above 50.000 US dollars but will depend on the version purchased. Hopefully, the release date is stuck to and we get to behold the perfection.


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