2017 Range Rover Artwork in Cabin, Price

Want to grab a powerful SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) that will not only serve its purpose as a large family car but will also fuel your desires once you decide to hit the asphalt hard? Well this is a tough thing to find out in the automobile market but now, it may not be so as the latest and brand new range rover  has arrived. The unique combination of these features in this superb SUV makes this beast a truly multi-purpose vehicle and also makes it one of a kind which no one would miss out on. The exciting and unmatched qualities and the combination of the best from both the great spheres of automobile industry make it an inevitable winner in the market. The 2017 Range Rover has quite a great demand in the market. It was released back in 2012 but the features that it packs as well as the fun of driving that it provides, is second to none and that is evident from the fact that it is among one of the most popular and wanted cars in The USA. Manufacturers are coming with new features every year, thus promoting an increase in popularity.

2017 Range Rover - front

2017 Range Rover – Exterior with a Lot of Potential and Artwork in Cabin

The 2017 Range Rover will be having a somewhat stretched out body. Its body is also going to be lowered in order to make it have some traits and performances of a conventional low slung exotic super car. This move will not only improve the looks of this SUV but also help in improving performance and quality of handling of its drive. In fact, this range rover suv can now record better speed and acceleration than its predecessors. The manufacturers are also planning on including a new and improved suspension system which would greatly improve the drive quality and with a main purpose, which would serve to improve this car’s capabilities while going off the road. This latest range rover 2017 will be assembled on the same line up as Jaguar F Pace which serves as a good explanation for its sports car like abilities and huge number of production units.


Room space in the cabin of this brand new 2017 Range Rover has seen a huge enhancement. It is being reported that leg room inside this cabin is going to be close to 40 inches, which is quite more than enough and will see to it that passengers have seated themselves comfortably and freely. Quality of upholstery has also been taken to a higher level of exquisiteness and comfort. Apart from this a small third seating row is also a likely possibility. Cargo space has also been considerably increased. Infotainment system will also be installed as standard which would provide even more fun and involvement.

2017 Range Rover - interior

2017 Range Rover – Engine Specs

The 2017 Range Rover will be powered by a 2.0L inline-4 engine having a capability of producing 240 BHP. This will be mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission supporting AWD.

2017 Range Rover - interior

2017 Range Rover – How Much will Cost?

The 2017 Range Rover is going to start from $40,000 and will be in markets from end-2016.


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