2017 Tata Safari Review, Specs, Price

For all Tata Motors fans, it is good news that 2017 Tata Safari is on its way and work of this facelift is almost on the verge of getting completed. Before this car reaches the market, sit back and have a glimpse at essential specifications and changes that have taken place.

Tata Motors have been producing quality cars since a long time now. They have established themselves as one of the most popular and quality car makers in India over the years. There are lots of popular and strongly built cars by this brand and this brand is popular for big vehicles such as trucks, buses, etc. as well as they are popular for SUVs such as Grande and Safari.

2017 Tata Safari - front

2017 Tata Safari – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage and Safety Features

Lately, in the capital city of India- Delhi, a proposal to ban diesel based vehicle was suggested. As a reaction to this, Tata Motors temporarily stopped manufacturing large capacity diesel powered engines. But very recently, news came that the suggestion of ban was abandoned and since then Tata again started making larger engines which run on diesel.

This has resulted in upcoming Safari and Hexa which are two potential cars of this brand that can once again prove the good will of Tata. Both these cars are going to have same specification engines.


Safari is one such car of Tata which has been bringing good repute to this brand since it was first launched. This awesome SUV is elegant and classy and has got a small rectangular section for grille made of mesh type structure. Headlights are of standard size and made of LED.

There are comparatively larger indicator lamps in each of the headlight boxes. Two small radius fog lamps have been installed in two sides of the front bumper. Another segment of the grille is embedded in the centre of front bumper which is of smaller size. Ground clearance of this car is same as before and it is a perfect measurement for an SUV.

High-quality 18-inch alloy wheels have been installed in 2017 Tata Safari. There is a footboard on two sides of this car which allows easy stepping in and out of the vehicle. The roof of this Tata Safari 2017 has provision to fix any sort of goods such as luggage.

2017 Tata Safari - interior

2017 Tata Safari – Modification under the Hood

As far as engine specification is concerned, the 2017 Tata Safari has got a 2.2-liter engine with Varicor 400 technology as the base version which runs on diesel. This is the same base engine as that of Tata Hexa. Tata is trying to manufacture another version of Safari with a 1.9-liter engine also running on diesel. In all probability, this version will be offered in 2017 model of Safari. This particular engine will be produced mainly to give an output of high fuel economy. Both the cars will have a six-speed transmission that is manually controlled. Hexa is supposed to get another option for speed transmission which is a six-speed auto transmission.

2017 Tata Safari - rear

2017 Tata Safari – Competitor, Release Date and Price

The main competitor of 2017 Tata Safari is Mahindra Scorpio which has a 1.99-liter engine running on diesel. The release date of this car is not yet fixed. The price of the base version of Tata Safari will be around $14,000.


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