2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD Review, Price

The new 2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD is all set to be released in the market with some advance features. A new grille has been introduced in the car having different trim levels and beautiful finishes. The 2017 Toyota Highlander has been fitted with a highly responsive and potent powertrain. The cabin has been refined and the quality of the ride has been strengthened.

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD - front

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

In addition, the Highlander is offering different layouts by the exterior. The majority of the models have a capacity of eight people in it. The second row of bench seats can be customised for up to seven people can be customised in premium models. In 2017 Toyota Highlander, four new ports for USB have been introduced that makes it a total of 5 ports. Highlander has an audio system with AM, FM and CD support. Also, an LCD screen of 6.1 inches is inserted at the front, and Bluetooth connectivity has been made available. Seats are upholstered in leather, and the front seats have a heating system. A heated steering wheel and a camera system with surround view have also been introduced in 2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD.


The 2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD features a sporty look with a new design of the front end. Headlamps have been rearranged with curved LED accents in the Platinum models of the car. The 2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD has a wide grille coated with a special paint of dark colour along with roof rails. New tail lamps consisting of LED lights have been introduced in the car in addition to alloy wheels measuring 19 inches. Also, the Platinum version claims to have chrome-ringed reflectors added to its bumper.

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD - interior

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD – Engine and Performance

In addition, the majority of the models of 2017 Toyota Highlander are claimed to feature a 3.5-litre V6 which is direct injected and produces power equivalent to that of 295 hp. A renewed automatic transmission with an introduction of a new 8-speed is also rumoured to be in this car with an expanded lockup range for torque conversion. The addition of a new powertrain will cause the car to be fuel efficient. The base LE model of Toyota Highlander features a front wheel drive with total power generated equivalent to that of 185 hp. Also, the engine is 2.7-litres with four cylinders and an automatic transmission at six different speeds. This car has been rated as 20/24/22 mpg which is quite impressive.

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD - rear

2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD – Price and Release Date

In conclusion, the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD is believed to be released in November. And nothing has been disclosed about the price of this model. It is, however, expected that the pricing of 2017 Highlander SE AWD is not going to be any different than its 2016 model. The 2016 model of Highlander started at 31430 USD and rose up to 44470 USD. Also, the same price range is most likely to be expected of new Toyota Highlander SE AWD

Finally, the Toyota Highlander SE AWD 2017 is believed to be a better and enhanced version of its older models. Customers are anxiously waiting to check what’s different about this model. With a more comfortable interior and a sleek and sporty look, the new Toyota Highlander SE AWD can become a car of your dreams.


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