2018 BMW Urban Cross Review, Price

The 2018 BMW Urban Cross is definitely around the corner. The much-awaited SUV may soon hit the market after BMW boss hinted that it is working on something different t in terms of design and concept in the new vehicle. It is rumoured to be targeting young professionals who prefer a taste that compliments both work and outdoor purpose. BMW being its first time to venture into the Urban Cross market is setting new levels of standards that will beyond doubt trigger stiffer competition to the already existing models.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - front

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

With a right away sleek look, this 2018 Urban Cross sits comfortably in a parking lot with shopping backlines displaying attitude. It has been redesigned to make driving easier during wet or misty days by the raised headlamps and wider tracks. It also has a wider wheelbase that will guarantee passenger comfort. The LED light gives it a sharper and smarter look.


Its interior is more like the X1 version but has been pimped up with a 3D map to give the driver more accurate navigation. It also has real-time updates concerning the weather and traffic so one is able to plan ahead on time and create convenience. Its dashboard is something to adore given the touch feature it has, not to mention the push-up buttons included. The steering wheel offers both comfort and firm grip due to the leather material used and is perfect for road trips. The safety feature has been enhanced through the rear view camera, blind spot monitor and instant braking systems available. This came in handy given the agile performance of the vehicle. This could absolutely not miss being put into consideration.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - interior

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Engine and Performance

The 2018 BMW Urban Cross comes with a large engine of 3500cc to enable high energy transmission on demand. The engine has 450 torque with 470 lb-ft. It has a choice of three, four or six chambers and a turbocharger to top it all. The double clutch feature will facilitate shifting of gears thus the driver doesn’t have to keep hunting the gears and concentrate on the road ahead. One attractive and beautiful modification done to this SUV is its ability to accelerate from 0-60 speed per kilometre an hour in a span of 6 seconds only. The 8-speed program fitted into it and 6 manual works to achieve this.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - rear

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Price and Release Date

BMW has still kept it secret as to when they will release the SUV but reliable sources say it could be by the middle of 2017or earlier 2018. Interested clients may just keep on checking. The estimated asking price is around $32,000 to $40000. Some have commented that this is a fair price given the quality of the 2018 BMW Urban Cross SUV.

Well, quality is always the key and the German company has delivered just that. No matter the price charged the BMW Urban Cross 2018 will still sell given its amazing features. It’s an awesome car for both city and outdoor not to mention its sleekness. The injection system is the best selling feature in this 2018 BMW Urban Cross which is quite good since the car has safety incorporated in it thus you do not have to worry about accidents.


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