2018 BMW X3 M Review, Price

The perfect combination of sport style and outstanding performance are coming together with new 2018 BMW X3 M. People will get something special with this model and it is obvious from the first look. First spots were caught on German streets and the overall impression is positive. Let’s see what this car brings to all future owners.

2018 BMW X3 M - front

2018 BMW X3 M – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

When we compare this model with previous versions, one thing is obvious. This time, it is bigger in size and the appearance is more powerful. The improvement is clear. Even with bigger style, overall weight is less than usual.

Designers succeeded to trim down more than 100 kilograms, which is sometimes hard to believe. How the bigger car could have fewer kilograms? Well, the answer lies in materials. Manufacturer used light materials with more efficient performances. One of the crucial things is a rear-wheel platform and this is a great benefit for lighter base. Exterior of this BMW has a hint of

Exterior of this 2018 X3 M has a hint of sporty look and powerful details. It is certainly eye-catching. There is no way to cruise on the streets without grabbing the attention. Everyone will look at this model.


Once you are inside 2018 BMW X3 M, you will feel something special. Ambient is full of class and modernity. The wheel is three-spoke system with potent performance. Every time you hold this wheel, stability is obvious thing. In front of a driver, many features are helpful.

Touchscreen is coming with the third generation of the model. There is also very interesting instrument cluster with a lot of possibilities. Interior components are completed with bucket seats that front passengers can use. These kinds of seats are something new when we compare it with competition.

2018 BMW X3 M - interior

2018 BMW X3 M – Modifications in the Engine

Under the hood, you have many options. This 2018 BMW X3 M is coming with variety of different engines. There are gasoline and diesel engines as well as hybrid model. All of them are specific in some way. We have to mention that hybrid version is powered by more than 300 hp, which brings more excitement to each drive.

Maximum range is 30 miles and it meets the expectations of most users. The most powerful M version will bring 428 hp, so this feature means total enjoyment for all of those who like power from the car.

2018 BMW X3 M - rear

2018 BMW X3 M – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

It is expected to see the new 2018 BMW X3 M on the market during early 2019. Most dealers will get it at that time and future owners will have the opportunity to enjoy it. Car shows will be the place where the car will show up firstly. We expect a huge demand for the model, because of so many great characteristics.

There are still many rumors about the price of  BMW X3 M 2018 and all of them are still speculations. The price will have to cover all design and performance characteristics. Therefore, some say this pleasure will cost slightly above $40, 000 for basic models. More options will raise the price and owners should be prepared for that. They will certainly get potent performance and design with this car.


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