2018 BMW X6M Review: Price & Specs

BMW X6 is a coupe SUV that will be interesting to buyers looking for better performance. Also, its look is sportier and it comes only with two-row seating configuration. The crossover is not lacking any premium feature. With such base, the 2018 BMW X6M boosts everything to new levels.

This performance-oriented model is not coming with upgraded output, but also the styling. The M package, as for all other BMWs means a lot of modifications. The first and the most important is drivetrain. Although the M model uses the same engine as the base model, it produces 100 hp more. Also, exterior is more aggressive, and interior safer and cozier.

2018 BMW X6M Red

2018 BMW X6M Engine Upgrades

Top of the lineup base model comes with a 4.4-liter engine that produces 445 hp. The 2018 BMW X6M adds twin-turbocharger to maximize the output. With this feature, the xDrive50i engine can produce 567 hp and 553 pound-feet of twisting power. The drivetrain is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Start/stop feature will save some fuel, if anyone is concerned about the mileage. However, this is not the favorite accessory according to owners. The restart could be frustrating in heavy traffic.

2018 BMW X6M White

2018 BMW X6M Special Equipment

Premium leather is all over the cabin. From seats to door panels and dashboard. Front buckets are offering heating feature and 18-way adjustment. At the center of the dashboard is a 10-inch screen, from where we can control premium 16-speaker audio system. Optionally, buyers can add heating for rear seats or some additional assist feature. The 2018 BMW X6M offers lane departure warning and blind-spot detection. Apple CarPlay is optional service and the vehicle is not offering Android Auto. The overall fun could be boosted with a rear-seat entertainment system.

2018 BMW X6M Sport Black

2018 BMW X6M Price and Competition

The 2018 BMW X6M costs much higher than its base sibling. Well, we can’t say we didn’t expect this. The price starts at $106,000. Its main rival, Mercedes, is selling its GLE 63 S Coupe in AMG variant even higher. Another German carmaker is a competitor – Porsche Cayenne. Its Turbo version costs $125,000. We could say that BMW X6M is the most affordable one in the performance-oriented coupe SUV class. But, when the price with all additions ends above $130,000, it can be one of the most expensive vehicles you will find in a salon.

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