2018 Ford Everest Review, Price

The 2018 Ford Everest is an extraordinary jeep that leaves a strong impression on potential buyers. No matter if you are a young or a seasoned driver, you will certainly love it. Safe and reliable, strong and powerful. It is a little higher than other competitive models, and that may be a nice advantage while driving on inaccessible terrains.

Still, that does not change its incredible look, so you will not notice any differences comparing it with other similar models. This generation of Everest appeared in 2015 on the market, and it was mainly based on Ford Ranger. It is not hard to spot some similarities between these two models, although 2018 Ford Everest looks totally modern in comparison with Ranger.

2018 Ford Everest - front

2018 Ford Everest – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The cabin of 2018 Ford Everest seems robust and big, but nice and pretty at the same time. Also, it reflects its strength and power, so the driver and passengers will feel safer than in some other car. That will not be an only illusion, because it is made of high-quality materials, such as steel, iron and aluminium.

However, it looks the best on the move, when its cabin cuts the air around it. The new Everest has a lot of free space inside, so you will have a more than enough room holding your legs and arms. That makes this model an ideal solution for long distance driving, even if more passengers are inside of it.

A steering wheel, transmission and a control panel are quite elegant and totally modern as well as its seats and other parts of the interior. According to all this, it will obviously be a great pleasure travelling in 2018 Ford Everest. It has so much to show, and the future is coming together with it.

2018 Ford Everest - interior

2018 Ford Everest – Powerful Engine and Performance

The 2018 Ford Everest is primarily made for the Australian market. It has 5 cylinder engine 3.2-liter and 6-speed automatic transmission. Soon, it will become available 2.2 diesel with two wheels, which will specifically be intended for the international market.

Ford is also planning to introduce some nice features, and one of them will probably be Ecoboost devices of 3.5-liter V6. However, their complete plan is still unknown to the wider public. So, you will have to wait little longer to eventually see what will be at the end.

2018 Ford Everest - rear

2018 Ford Everest – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

As already mentioned above in the text, the new Ford Everest appeared in 2015 on the market. That was the year when it was officially released. Its current price starts from $52.000 and may go up to $80.000, depending on the precise specification of the particular type.

As you can see,  the Ford Everest 2018 may not be suitable for every pocket. Its price may be too high for many potential buyers. But, those who are willing to invest more, will get really good and high-quality SUV.

The new Ford Everest is in front of the competition in many aspects and according to that, it has a realistic price. Manufacturing of the model costs a lot. And Ford has to cover the expenses. Otherwise, it would be impossible to release such good car.


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