2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors Specs, Price

Hummer is easily recognizable and most notable for its obnoxiously large exterior. However, despite its bulky outside, you could almost mistake the interior of the 2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors. We will delve more into that later on. There have been quite a few changes executed from the previous model, namely its size as compared to the larger H2. But, like the Hummer we know, it should still do its job as an off-road truck. Let’s get into detail with this soon-to-be release.

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors - front

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The first look of the model for the 2018 Hummer H3 was released back in 2006, and another version was released in 2009. There aren’t many changes in terms of design; however, there are drastic upgrades in terms of technology. Aside from that, the Hummer’s classic shape was tweaked in exchange for a shape that’s much more convenient when riding through rough terrains and off-roads. The Hummer H3 2018 Concept Rumors still maintains its dependability and recognizable features.

Hummer continues with its widely recognized design, an aggressively large, heavy, and rather bulky exterior. It is much more compact compared to the last model. The entire truck consists of a varied combination plastic and metal. The metal fixtures are on the important parts of the truck, and used as protection. There should be metal sheets on the whole front of the bumper, roof, top hood, and skid plates. Meanwhile, plastic can be found on the interior of the car, and some exterior details. As Hummer is widely known, the front end of the car also has a wide, metal, gridded grille.


Because Hummers are mostly used for driving off-road, there are necessary safety precautions taken. The 2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors includes air bags, a rearview camera, a pre-collision alert, and other protections within its cabins, resolving many dangers encountered when driving off-course. It’s expected that the interior may be a little cramped as opposed to the older model. The inside, with its upgraded modern design, includes high-tech buttons and other devices. Comfortable leather seats are provided, as well as a wide dashboard made with high-quality materials.

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors - interior

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors – Engine and Performance

The base model for the 2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors has 3.6-liter 7-inline petrol engine, and runs on 320 horsepower. For purchasers who are interested in highly powered trims, a stronger engine will have 4.7-liters 7-inline petrol engine with 293 hp. It takes 11 seconds for the speed of the base engine to reach 60 mph, while it only takes 8.8 seconds for the stronger one. This is thanks to the fact that the 2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors is much more lightweight compared to its former counterpart.

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors - side

2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors – Price and Release Date

While many buyers are expecting a relatively higher price, and while there hasn’t been any hints as to its pricing upon release, choosing a base model for the 2018 Hummer H3 Concept Rumors should only cost you around $30,000 to $35,000. Initial speculations stated that it would be released sometime in the middle of 2017. However, at this point, it should be released by the end of the year.


The biggest competitor this year would most likely be WILL. However, another possible competitor would be Jeep Wrangler. Since SUVs are currently experiencing a bit of a rocky road on the market recently, this rivalry is still indefinite.


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