2018 Lincoln MKC Redesign, Price

Currently, many people are eagerly waiting for the release of the 2018 Lincoln MKC car. This has been associated with many people who have experienced the luxurious Lincoln vehicles and also their specifications previously.

The vehicle is designed with SUV experience, thus, preventing any cases of uncertainties on the road. Also, it is economical and affordable as a family car and for any other car purposes. The following is a 2018 Lincoln MKC review on its outlook, engine, and performance, as well as price and release date.

2018 Lincoln MKC - front

Exterior and Interior Outlook of the 2018 Lincoln MKC

Many Lincoln vehicles are designed to enhance safety and interior comfort. The 2018 Lincoln MKC is more suited as a family car. Therefore, it is family safety has been taken as an essential part during its manufacturing.

The vehicle is fitted with lane avoidance and also 360-degree airbags. Furthermore, it has car-crash avoidance and calls notifications. In the case of any crash or any crash and collision, these features act to prevent any harm or injury to you and other passengers.

The vehicle has a Sync3 system, touch screen display, 3D Navigation, and Bluetooth enhanced the stereo system. It is also fitted with memory seats which offer comfort and relaxation during travel. As a family car, 2018 Lincoln MKC comes with an allowance of 5-7 passengers.

Its exterior has not been a subject of too much change. However, you will be impressed by its bumpers and headlights. The vehicle has a wide range of colors such as white, black, dark blue, and grey. The choice of color will depend on your family preference.

2018 Lincoln MKC - interior

2018 Lincoln MKC – Engine and Performance

As a refinement of the previous Lincoln vehicles, the 2018 MKC has an improved engine ability and overall performance. The engine is 2.0-liter V6 unit enhanced with 6-speed automatic gearbox and 2.4-liter drivetrain makes the vehicle seem responsive for various speed demands.

The vehicle comes with both Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD). Thus, it has the Ford’s Eco Boost system. This prevents any greenhouse emission form the vehicle by over 15%. Also, be sure to note that FWD and AWD models feature 240 hp and 285 hp respectively.

Performance on the highway and in the city is also improved from the past. The FWD will have 29 mpg and 20 mpg on the highway and in the city respectively. On the other hand, the AWD will have 26 mpg and 18 mpg on the highway and in the city respectively.

2018 Lincoln MKC - rear

2018 Lincoln MKC – Price and Release Date

The 2018 Lincoln MKC will be among the most affordable cars on the market by 2018. The anticipated price for this SUV will range at $33,260. Based on the different specification of this brand, the highest anticipated price will range at $40,060.

By the time the car will be on the verge of release, it will be available across the world. Therefore, any customer who will be willing to enjoy the spectacular and refined specs and features of this car will be able to get the car from any part of the world. The car is expected to be available within the first three months in 2018 and not later than May 2018.

Lincoln vehicles have been associated with safety, comfort, and perfect performance. At the same time, the vehicles are more cheap and economical in fuel consumption and maintenance. Therefore, many people are already waiting to see how the Lincoln MKC 2018 will perform in the market.


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