2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Changes, Specs

The early beginnings of the Mitsubishi Pajero were introduced in 1973 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Pajero was developed and marketed to be an off-road vehicle, competing with the Jeeps of this time. A second concept, unveiled in 1978, reflected a more “traditional” look. The Pajero II, as it was called, would go on to revolutionize the market for Sports Utility Vehicles.

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero front

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero – Engine Specs

The modern rail technology allows 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero to go anywhere smoothly and quickly. This new model is not only an ultra protective model but also a safe vehicle that gives the clear view of the road. The strong rigid build frame and body features with crumble zone absorb impacts and ensure safety.

Driven by a V6, four-cylinder engine with 3.0-liter displacement with an electric battery. An 8-speed manual transmission system transmits this power into the four-wheel drive.

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero – Design and Features

The 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero features an independent double wishbone front suspension with coil springs and a stabilizer bar, and an independent multi-link rear suspension, also with coil springs and a stabilizer bar. The SUV comes with power-assisted steering. The vehicle turns in an 11.4-meter circle. In front, the SUV is equipped with 280-by-28-mm ventilated disc brakes with a four-piston opposed caliper. The car also has 285-by-18-mm ventilated rear disc brakes with a one-piston floating caliper.

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This model year Pajero sported ventilated disc brakes in the front and rear with an anti-lock brake system. It had an independent, double wishbone front suspension with coil springs and an independent multi-link, double wishbone rear suspension with coil springs.

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero – Changes

The 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero is a five-door sports utility vehicle, so the chassis resembles that of a light truck and it has the ability to be used off road. Stopping the SUV is the job of vented disc brakes at the front of the vehicle -which are disc brakes that possess cooling passages between the friction surfaces–and brake drums at the rear.

New 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero is 4,900 mm long, 1,875 mm wide and 1,900 mm high. The vehicle weighs 2,920 kg. The 2,780-mm wheelbase results in a 1.76 length-to-wheelbase ratio. The vehicle can tow up to 3,000 kg. The maximum payload is 680 kg, including a maximum of 100 kg for roof load.

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