2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek Review, Price

The Subaru continues to raise the bar in the evolving subcompact crossover SUV market. The release of its new 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek will again take this concept in exciting new directions. The next-generation Crosstrek carries on the brand reframe that Subaru is pushing globally, piloted with its new redesigned and reengineered Impreza. Both units will share a new modular platform, backed by a design that Subaru says the shows “the powerful form of a crossover, and a quality feel beyond its class”when reviewing this unit. Given the demand for more compact SUVs across the country, we’re confident the 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek will not disappoint and find many fans in the market.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek - front

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

According to early reports and specs, the new XV Crosstrek 2018 is expected to have a whole new design.Externally, the model will look move even more into crossover SUV territory. In other words, the 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek will combine compactness with the power and presence of a standard SUV. This external design is consistent with the new direction that Subaru has been introducing via its range of concept cars like the new generation Impreza. Furthermore, the XV will have the “hawk-eye” headlights that can be found on most new Subaru models.


Interior-wise, technological enhancements are the story. The EyeSight electronic driver assist system is a potential game changer for Subaru. This innovative feature enables autonomous driving on expressways and provides traffic sensors that sense traffic in all directions. Staying with technology, the model will be fitted with cameras for the interior as well as well as advanced touch screen console that consolidates the car’s functions on a single screen. Expect leather-upholstered seats and fittings are made of quality materials too. Given that the model is more compact, space is could be somewhat of an issue, but consumer recognises this. However, to compensate Subaru has created foldable rear seats for flexibility.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek - interior

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Powerful Engine and Performance

Performance is assured and carries on with the solid reputation Subaru has forged with its engine power and efficiency. For drivers, the 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek is powered by a total of three engines. Optionality is also a differentiating factor of the model. All 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek’s will feature 2.0-liter displacement, with the base unit of standard petrol – the other two are diesel and gasoline-based. Performance will be driven by the fact that all powertrains are mated to a 6-speed auto transmission. Its air suspension system is also being held up by insiders as enhancing performance across the board. Economically, mileage per gallon is among the best in luxury crossover class, and lighter parts of the body are another reason for the fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption will be in the 26-32 mpg range depending on urban and highway driving.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek - side

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Price and Expected Release Date

We expect the Subaru XV Crosstrek 2018 to enter the market sometime during mid-2017. Price wise, it won’t break the bank either, especially for a crossover SUV. Subaru is expected to retail the 2018 XV Crosstrek around the $26,500 price range for the basic model. If you want all the extra features and customization, expect to pay closer to $30,000.


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