2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara Specs, Price

After being off the SUV market since 1998, Suzuki has recently unveiled its new SUV , the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Having abated breath and filled with eager and excitement, the fans of this brand just can’t wait for the model to come in the market. The reason behind their excitement and anticipation is the reliability and affordability of the model, especially that’s what Suzuki works best in. giving the optimum satisfaction in the most suitable price. Having a sleek and stylish look than its predecessors, the car delivers on the looks as well as performance, fuel efficiency and handling.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara - front

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The new 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara has muscular exterior and a bulkier body, making the new 2018 Grand Vitara a powerful car structurally and in terms of strength. The Vitara was made using the iV-4 concept. This means that the customers can convert the car and control it, they can adjust it to their needs and driving style and as well as the lifestyle. Making it a 2-wheel and also a 4-wheel drive. The Clamshell hood also allows the customers to have the option of customizing their cars by doing a lot more than just choosing the color and the exterior parts of the vehicle. The vehicle comes in 2 and 4 door configuration. The larger and stronger grill and bumper of the car make the vehicle look even stronger.


Now coming to the interior, the Vitara was designed for comfort and convenience. The 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara comes with plastic inserts and touchscreen controls, with information on things like the tire pressure etc. There are other connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB ports, SAT-Nav and Bluetooth to enable the drivers to use the hands-free phone applications. The car comes with leather seats making the car even more comfortable. Very easy to clean and last longer than the other seat covers in vehicles. The leather finishes stats from the seats and ends at the steering wheel and gear knob.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara - interior

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara – Modifications in the Engine

The most important thing for a customer while deciding to buy a car is how powerful is the car; how powerful is its engine. The new 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara is powered by a 2.4-liter four cylinder engine that can generate a horsepower of 166 and up to 162 lb-ft torque. Furthermore, the engine is paired with a four-wheel drive system. The engine of the 2018 Vitara may look small but it’s very powerful and fuel efficient. It’s designed to use 5.8-liters to 6.3-liters of fuel per a 100km. The 2018 Grand Vitara goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 10.5 seconds.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara - rear

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The all new Suzuki Grand Vitara 2018, being powerful and having a sleek and stylish appearance; the model is said to be released in the second or the third quarter of 2018. The starting price of the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara will begin at $20,000. However, it is not confirmed that at which specific date the SUV will be released. When this happens, am sure this is gonna be a great deal, a machine that will give every other car manufacturer a reason to look again and a run for their money, every car, and big machine lovers should look out for this and ensure to grab the first batch on release.


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