2018 Toyota Highlander Specs, Release Date

The combination of stability and attractiveness is brought by 2018 Toyota Highlander in a versatile package. When you want rough but elegant design, go for this model. Some important futures have changed and possibilities became more visible. Let’s see what are the main characteristics of the car that might be ideal for a dusty road just like for a fancy town.

2018 Toyota Highlander - front

2018 Toyota Highlander – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

Appearance of 2018 Toyota Highlander is very unique with all those strong characteristics that give a special design. Aerodynamic look is enhanced with bumpers and light cluster. The LED technology is providing accent on headlights, which is one more advantage. Indicators are also complemented with this kind of lights and you can be sure that everyone will notice it. This 5-entrance cruiser is build for excellent purpose. It is possible to suit comfortably up to eight people, which is a great option for huge families or groups of friends going on an exciting trip. Interior is completed with leather upholstery for more exclusive feeling of luxury. This Highlander 2018 brings possibility of seat adjustments and power steering. As addition, gearbox and two speedometers are also available. Google maps and navigation system will help you orientate while enjoying in digital surround system. Overall feeling is modernity with a touch of robustness that are put together to simply impress.

2018 Toyota Highlander - interior

2018 Toyota Highlander – Engine and Performance

Engines of new 2018 Highlander are coming in two different versions. The first one is 2.7-liter engine with ability to produce more than 180 hp, which makes it a powerful option. It is followed by 6 speed transmission for fast reaction in driving and more control in general. The second type of the engine will be 3.5-liter with some similarity to other cars from Toyota’s line. The construction was very similar to previous models. This engine is able to control 280 hp and transmission is 6 speed automatic device, just like with the first option. Common characteristic for both engines in this 2018 Toyota Highlander is so-called vehicle with ultra low emission and this is a subtitle only for hi-class models that are built with modern standards. More powerful engine is made to give an ultimate performance, which is visible in ability to speed up from 0 to 180 in only 8 second. Be certain you will feel the power of movement with this SUV of the new generation.

2018 Toyota Highlander - rear

2018 Toyota Highlander – Price and Release Date

Attractive Toyota Highlander 2018 will certainly gain much attention, so potential buyers will have to be patient. It is expected to see this model on some popular car show in the middle of 2017 and the possibility to buy it is open from the end of the same year. When it comes to the price, the 2018 Highlander will cost around $30,000 for basic models. If your dream car has combination of elegance and strength, then go for 2018 Toyota Highlander and get the both worlds. There is a lot of style in this model and so many people under its roof can enjoy it. Bring them all to a ride in new 2018 Toyota Highlander and explore the road with classy feeling.


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