Hummer HX Concept Review, Price

The Hummer wished to carry on downsizing and making a much smaller and much more practical (and probably affordable) H4 as it sought to provide Jeep with the intense unbridled competition. Every new vehicle that Hummer then produced had been a little smaller than the one that came before it. With new designers came new ideas. General Motors brought in some new car designers not too long previous as part of their venture into enhancing the H2 and the H3. All three designers came up with their own sketches, which led GM to what was then being referred to as the Hummer HX Concept. Like the H3, the HX Concept was a mid-sized SUV but unlike the H3, it was open air. It had a wheelbase of 103 inches, where the H3’s was 113 inches. Width-wise, it was the same as the H3. The Hummer HX Concept, according to General Motors’ Hummer general manager Martin Walsh, was meant to appeal to young drivers (between 20 and 30) who obviously could afford to buy it. The HX Concept was going to be used as the backbone concept for the Hummer H4, as GM had considered a two-door fastback version of the Hummer. Such a Hummer would have competed with cars the likes of the Jeep Wrangler. The way GM saw it, the Hummer H4 (HX Concept) was to be a little bit of an upgrade on the Wrangler and hence was to come at a premium.

Hummer HX Concept - front

Hummer HX Concept – Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior design of the Hummer HX Concept, as with those of just about all concept cars, was never completely final and could have changed between the time it was unveiled and the time it was set to become a production H4. General Motors had decided to go with a simple body-on-frame vehicle, rear-wheel-drive, that sat on its own chassis. The chassis decision was because there wasn’t exactly an existing one they could have borrowed. The grille looked just about the same at first glance, but it had been tweaked to look a little more modern. The Hummer HX Concept also had full underbody protection, a winch at the front and 35-inch wheels. As mentioned above, the wheelbase was 103 inches long. It also had independent front suspension and a rear solid axle.


As for the interior, the standout feature was the centre console and a rather strange take on the gear lever. The seats were thin and light in weight and looked good whether the doors and rood were attached or not. There were other accessories in this car such as a first-aid kit and a shovel.

Hummer HX Concept - interior

Hummer HX Concept – Engine and Performance

The engine of the Hummer HX was a 3.6 litre V6 (direct injection) that came from the Cadillac CTS. This engine could produce 304 BHP and 273 pound/feet of torque. The Hummer sought to become and remain an entirely biofuel-dependant brand of vehicle. So, the HX Concept was made to use biofuels. The H2, for instance, used fuel made of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline (E85). This would have been the standard for all new Hummers and soon enough, all Hummers would have been like this.

Hummer HX Concept - side

Hummer HX Concept – Price and Release Date

There was never an official price or release date slated for the Hummer HX Concept (which would have been released as the Hummer H4). In truth, it would most likely have been impossible for Hummer to compete with the Wrangler, as Jeep Wrangler buyers only want Jeep Wranglers. Hummer would have been a bit far from the top in lists of alternatives.


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