Jeep Chief Concept Release Date, Price

Knocking on the memories of an avid car enthusiast is one driving force for car companies nowadays. Designer Jeeps are currently the trend today with many car owners choosing jeeps over the traditional and fairly common cars. With this global phenomenon taking the world by storm, the number of classic concept Jeeps has skyrocketed and piled up over the years. While a lot of jeep enthusiasts are after the nostalgic atmosphere that designer jeeps do carry, some prefer it to be functional and can be used on an everyday basis – This is where the Jeep Chief Concept shines.

The Jeep Chief Concept is the addition into Jeep’s concept car lineup that brings nostalgia and road practicality in the precise construction of the new Jeep Chief Concept. Based on the Wrangler model as its foundation, Jeep has made it into a real contest when it comes to functional concept cars that are both stylish and functional. This time, the Wrangler Unlimited is used as a base for the Chief which gives it a sturdier look and feels. The frame is a combination of quality metalwork and fiberglass, giving the Chief an excellent stamina when it comes to off-road performance.

Jeep Chief Concept - front

Jeep Chief Concept – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

With its Wrangler predecessor used as its base, the Jeep Chief Concept shows similarities to the SJ Cherokee with a slightly angled forward grill and hood. This shape brings out the round headlights and the chrome-lined bumper of the Chief even more. At the back, the Chief shows the hand shape similar to the SJ, though the special rounded roof makes the design unique in its own way which allows the roof to sit low after two inches were subtracted from its roof and its doors.


The interiors for modern cars are often dull and drab but it seems like Jeep has an answer for that. The Jeep Chief Concept sports a Hawaiian theme interior with linens and cloth inserts that have floral designs on them. The vintage stickers on the bumpers and the surfboard shape also resound a class beach theme. The cargo area of the Chief is also lined with wood as well as the passenger grab handle, making it cozier than ever.

Jeep Chief Concept - interior

Jeep Chief Concept – Engine and Performance

The Chief is equipped with a DOHC 24-valve V6 engine. It also comes with aluminum block and heads and port fuel injection that show off its performance on the road and off road. The Chief Concept also packs a 285 hp at 6400 rpm engine and torque of 260 lb per feet at 4800 rpm. The Chief handles quite well with its 6-speed manual transmission, making it best to use on concrete roads and even on off road pavements, sands, and clay.

Jeep Chief Concept - rear

Jeep Chief Concept – Price and Release Date

The excellently designed Chief Concept has a lot of people lining up for it before even releasing. Any changes in its pricing should be expected as other modifications and parts may become available prior to its release. The Jeep Concept comes at an estimated price of $35,000.00 and it is expected to release next year.


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