Top 5 reasons to buy a new Audi Q5

The 2019 Audi Q5 is way ahead of competitors in its segment. Right from the beginning, the crossover is having a successful run. With a big redesign in 2017 and start of the second generation, Q5 SUV made a strong impact on the market. However, the base of fans is bigger, and there are crossover lovers all around the world. This is not by chance, but Q5 built its reputation over the last ten years. Reliability and versatility are characteristics of many Audi vehicles. But, what else we can add specifically as the reason why to buy it to Q5?

1. Engine lineup

The new Audi Q5 is available in petrol and diesel variant. So, its buyers can choose between two options. There are drivers that love high torque outputs. Furthermore, the new generation of diesel drivetrain reduced CO2 emissions significantly. Finally, a hybrid combination is in the mix for upcoming second half of 2018 season.

2. Interior

The Audi Q5 might be an urban crossover or a luxurious off-road SUV. But, interior features and comfort will make this vehicle excellent even for longer trips. The cabin is quiet, so when there are no road bumps, passengers will have no disturb to sleep inside the Q5.

2019 Audi Q5 interior

3. Driving impression

Not only that passengers are enjoying long trips, but also drivers. All owners are praising the handling of the crossover, which is also useful in urban areas. Although Audi Q5 is a crossover, it is agile as some small hatchback. Even drivers with less experience will be comfortable in the ride.

4. Safety

Plenty of features are definitely one of the main factors of overall safety. But, prevention is always a better solution. That is why visibility is worth more than air bags or seat belts. For Audi Q5, driver’s seat is installed pretty high. From there, it is easy to monitor all angles around the vehicle. Also, for tight spaces, there are parking sensors.

2019 Audi Q5 front view

5. Trim Levels

The price of the Audi Q5 is a downside. But, when we compare what we get from the vehicle to competitors, we will immediately change the mind. The crossover comes with long list of equipment in an entry-level model. Premium Plus and Prestige editions will upgrade the appearance to another level, as well as comfort and infotainment inside the cabin.


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