Toyota Rush 2018 Design, Release Date

The automotive market is so big that often times customers are determined to buy one type of car and end up driving something totally different. When asked about SUVs, some say it is too expensive while others just love it. For those who love medium SUVs, Toyota Rush 2018 is expected to please even the most demanding customers, taking their driving experience to a new level.

Toyota is one of the producers of sports activity utility cars which are both safe and durable, but at the same time affordable. The model Toyota Rush 2018 is a small crossover, which comes with some changes in comparison to his previous versions. Like expected, most of the adjustments are on the visual side. It also seems to be longer including 3 rows of seats, thus being comfortable enough for seven persons. The producer’s purposes are to launch a sophisticated mixture of high-quality materials which can be seen at a closer examination of all the car’s parts.

Toyota Rush 2018 - front

Toyota Rush 2018 – Exterior and Interior Design

As anticipated, the most obvious changes will be visual both at interior and exterior. Keeping his aggressive look,at the car will come with a smaller grid with the entrance dumper has been extended a bit also. All these changes were made to make room for LED lamps. At a more detailed evaluation it looks like the suspensions have been improved, thus consolidating the model. The Toyota Rush 2018 is equipped with 17 inches alloy wheels highly qualitative. Small changes can be also noted in terms of lighting.


At a look in the interior, it is obvious that the center console has not suffered any alterations. However, some know-how features have been added to keep the passengers updated with the latest information. The dashboard was not changed too much, but it continues to offer passengers enough space for comfort that is also enhanced by the leather-based seats. In terms of safety, premium and high-responsive ABS and airbags offer customers enough confidence to try even the riskiest roads.

Toyota Rush 2018 - interior

Toyota Rush 2018 – Engine and Performance

The new 2018 Rush’s engine choice will be created on 1.5-liter DOHC WT-i configuration. Furthermore, the 2018 Toyota Rush model sticks on the 5-speed hand-operated gearbox but it will not be limited to it. As automatic gears are so demanded, there will be also the possibility for customers to choose a 4-speed automated transmission. In terms of gasoline consumption, it is going to be extremely efficient and economic as its engine provides 107 hp at around 6000 RPM and its electrical power choices are of 109 lbs.

Toyota Rush 2018 - rear

Toyota Rush 2018 – Price and Release Date

First of all, there is not yet any official release date communicated by the producers. According to rumors from forums and other automotive websites, Toyota Rush 2018 should be released during 2017, most probably in the 3rd trimester. In terms of pricing, again, Toyota has not launched any numbers. However, considering previous models prices and evaluating the changes which have been made to this new model, the price range should be between $25,000 and $38,000 depending on what features the customer wants and the models.

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