Toyota Venza 2018 Redesign, Price

Toyota is a big name in the automotive world, and every year it brings out its updated versions; we will soon be seeing the Toyota Venza 2018, an upgrade on the previous model, and one with seriously impressive handling and specs.

If you are a Toyota fan, you won’t be disappeared with this new and improved version of an old favorite, but to cover all bases, let’s check out the specifications and review it ourselves.

Toyota Venza 2018 - front

Toyota Venza 2018 – What will the Exterior and Interior look like?

The most noticeable change with the new version is the exterior and a much sportier look. Whilst aimed specifically at families, the new and improved appearance will call out to business types and social drivers alike. With a modern look, the redesigned bumper looks more like a smaller SUV, and there are now smaller spotlights on the side, with LED powered headlights for use in the day and evening. The chrome headlines can easily be used for foggy conditions. Also, the front grille is much bolder and aggressive, compared to previous models. This is a four-door model, and the new fascia is impressive.


If the exterior impresses you, then the interior will blow you away. This is a sophisticated model on the inside and looks much more luxurious than you might expect. The capacity is five passengers comfortably, with seats which certainly won’t cause aches and strains. There is a new audio capacity, as well as Bluetooth and USB connectivity for iPods/smartphones. The navigation system is the top draw, as well as cruise control, and lane departure warning system in situ.

Toyota Venza 2018 - interior

Toyota Venza 2018 – Power Expectations

The new Toyota Venza 2018 has an impressive engine in a few different choices – 7.5-liters, 4 cylinder engine producing 181 hp, or a 2.8-liter, 330 hp engine. Both options have a 6-speed auto transmission consumption of gas, which makes it ideal for the current market. Consumption of gas is around the 26.5 mpg mark.

Toyota Venza 2018 - rear

Toyota Venza 2018 – Expected MSRP and Availability

There is no definite price figure available at the current time, but it is expected to be around the $30,000 mark. Expected late 2017. The new 2018 Toyota Venza  is aimed primarily at families, but as we mentioned. It is a sporty number which will please most motorists. Put simply, yes. This is an affordable car with many top class additions, as well as being very easy on the eye. Fuel consumption is minimal, which means you save money on the go. With a mixture of SUV and MPV options and features you’re getting the best of both worlds, without the bulk and price tag.

The new Toyota Venza 2018 model looks set to make waves when it is finally released. With a large engine, comfortable seating, good fuel consumption, and an attractive appearance, Toyota Venza 2018 really does tick all the boxes. Great for family road trips, safe with enough safety features to cast any parent’s mind at rest, whilst also being a fantastic option for daily commutes.


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